Sunday, April 9, 2017

NO, Don't Tell Me--Intarsia!

It is the second pattern and tutorial for the Year of Techniques from Arnall-Culliford Knitwear
I loved March pattern!  It was such a clever way of knitting stripes without that annoying
mark of changing colors.  I so looked forward to April's pattern and when it
came out--there was that dreaded word INTARSIA!  oh gee whiz!  Will
I enjoy this pattern as much?

What is Intarsia anyway:--The intarsia knitting technique enables you to introduce areas of color in any shape, size, and number to the background. Think of these intarsia areas as islands floating on the sea of their background. Intarsia fabric is lightweight and fluid because it is only one strand thick.

There are all sorts of videos and instructional material to be found.  Intarsia just wasn't something I enjoyed doing and now this pattern pops up.
Since I purchased the kit I have the yarns so we'll begin--first, we'll watch the tutorial 

That seems simple enough, doesn't it?  print off the pattern, bring out the needles and the yarn and we'll begin...........

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