Friday, April 21, 2017


We need a quilt--a longer wider quilt!  We purchased a 'mattress in a box' and hubby got the extra thick one--and then we added a topper!  It's like--run and take a flying leap to get into bed.
Maybe, we need a small trampoline to jump on to make that hop!  Anyway, really like that bed, but
all the quilts are too short--he likes to tuck them in at the bottom--now, all we have are not that long--hence the search for a new quilt pattern--that is quick plus it must be easy--we would like to have it by winter time.
How about this one?  Stash buster from Cluck Cluck Sew free tutorials
the bins are full of scraps and it would be nice to bust that scrap bin wide
open and GONE!

This one is pretty much the same type of pattern, but longer rectangles. 
Two by Four  Film in the Fridge has another free tutorial that looks
quick and easy
another stash buster

This is called Bricks and Stepping Stones
Quiltville has a free pattern breakdown for this charmer.
I also saw it here 

Confessions of a Fabric Addict has this tutorial on what she calls a slab block
This is just a little more involved--so, this might be left for when I have
more time--when is that??
Art Gallery Fabrics has this super looking quilt called The
Belle Wave--
I just can not decide which one to begin--
And I'm still looking!!

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