Thursday, April 13, 2017

Weavers! Weaving!

WOW (Way Out West) Weavers study group met early April--
bringing members together to discuss the past month's 
weaving adventures.

Finished!  Yes!  Finished! Rep Weave Mug Mats for
to be held in early June in Houston

Our group volunteered to weave 175 + for one of the
meals--and this mission was accomplished by some
dedicated weavers!  It was not necessary for
each mat to be exactly alike--a design process for
the weaver.  These are Karen's mats in which she
used rag strips for her weft

I like the look of the warp all fringed out

Karen bundled them nicely too!

Tracy is donating this lovely towel for the raffle basket

She had made one for a gift and donated this one for
the basket--some lucky person will enjoy this addition
to their kitchen

Here is Karen I with her recently finished rag rugs.
The one on the right was featured in the latest issue
of Handwoven by Interweave Press

Look up the issue to get the recipe--you too can
weave this!

Both of these rag rugs will go to her new house

Her brown and blue rug can be used in any room.

 Karen is featuring "Workshop in a box" in her Etsy shop.
Jump over to her blog and read how she can help you
make a handwoven towel.  Her box includes the warp, weft,
all the instructions plus link to her tutorial videos--
she posted only 5 boxes at a time

Gretchen missed our March meeting--so she
brought and shared her color warp from the recent
guild workshop.  She chose more pastel colors (so like her
in fact!)

Here is plain weave--look at the tracking

Here she did summer/winter weave structure

side by side to see the comparison. 

She left the weft sides so she could remember
which color she used in each section.
Never a dull meeting when you gather with weavers!

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