Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Estonian Knitting

It's hard to photography this knitting--but, trust me,
I'm knitting away and finished the April pattern
for Elizabeth Ravenwood's Estonian knit along.
Here is the second Estonian pattern from 
a different knit along--this one designed by
 Toni L. Lorenz--both patterns are on Ravelry.
It is also April finish!

I've enjoyed both of these knits and with the addition
of beads, the scarves will look smashing.
Traditionally, Estonian knitting uses nupps--which
are not for me!  I tried them once--that was enough
to know I don't like them!

If two Estonian knits wasn't enough, I signed up for a third--
this one is also designed by Elizabeth Ravenwood and
it will give me patterns that that the other two do not.
I'm using Knit Picks lace weight yarn in an icy blue--it's
Alpaca/silk blend and feels really good.  I'm just on the
fifth row; had to stop to look for beads to use--still no
nupps for me!

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