Sunday, April 2, 2017

Texas Rangers Heritage Center

Last weekend we visited the Texas Rangers Heritage Center--
it's a fairly new facility and we have always driven past and
said we should stop in, but keep on driving.
That Sunday, we stop in--to attend Cowboy Church, which is 
held here every Sunday @ 10 AM.
It was a great time to hear the word of God and visit the

The Heritage Center includes the Rangers Tower, serving as beacon for learning, a salute to good citizenship, and the Ranger Ring of Honor, a soaring memorial dedicated to those who gave all in their service to the Texas Rangers and to the Citizens of Texas

Around the Ring of Honor are plaques honoring those Rangers
who have fallen during past wars--Dawson Massacre, September 18, 1842 is
one that we had not heard of--

The Dawson massacre, also called the Dawson expedition, was an incident in which 36 Texian militiamen were killed by Mexican soldiers on September 17, 1842[1] near San Antonio de Bexar (now the U.S. city of San Antonio, Texas). The event occurred during the Battle of Salado Creek, which ended with a Texan victory.[2] This was among numerous armed conflicts over the area between the Rio Grande and Nueces rivers, which the Republic of Texas tried to control after achieving independence in 1836.

Here is listing of Gonzales Rangers--The Immortal 32! 

Brave men, husbands and fathers, who battled at the Alamo
along with Travis--The story of Texas Independence began here

Texas Rangers are known far and wide.  
And the grounds of the Center display several statues as a tribute

The History of Texas is the History of Texas Rangers

God Bless USA!  God Bless Texas!  God Bless Texas Rangers!

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