Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Playing Catch-up...............

It is a treat to be away from home base occasionally, but
when we return it is time to play 'catch-up' on the quilt
blocks I have missed.

I  cut the fabrics for each block before I sit to sew--to me,
that's better than cutting and then sewing for each block.  The black and
white blocks are from Pat Sloan's Solstice Challenge--
begin winter solstice and end summer solstice.

I decided on black and white as a challenge to myself--
it's not easy to work with these values; need to determine
light, medium and dark in these fabrics--some are
successful, others not so much!

Jacob's Ladder--a popular block--this is an
oversized block in the plan.

This is also an oversized block--goes together quickly when
you cut large squares!

Odd man out--this is year long quilt along is designed by
Sheri of Quilting A Life.  She always has helpful hints and
tutorials.  I decided on pink, green and tones of reds for
this quilt--this will be girl's charity quilt.
Anyone for bright colors?!  This is from Pat Sloan's free 2017
Mystery block "Children's Library"--this is April's block--
since this is a quilt for kids, I decided they would like
a hamburger right in the middle!

Caught up till May 1st!

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