Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Well, I'll Be...............

It's Wednesday again!  Anything on your needles today?  Want to see what I'm working on?  I'm sure you are so anxious to see what my needles are doing............................. :-)

I'm hemming my woven towels.  They have been finished for several weeks and
the other day, when I had some free minutes, I cut the yardage into section

The blue plaid in the middle is my sewing basket (handwoven with indigo dyed yarn)
I did get three hemmed before I quit

It does present a problem when you have frayed edges--it would have
been smart (and I wasn't!) to run them through the sewing machine
and then cut.  Sewing two lines and cut in between is the smart
way to cut

This one is really frayed, but I'm thinking it was the warp end, where I cut
off the reminder of the warp
The pattern is dornick twill.

Almost! Almost! forgot to add my labels--but I didn't!
It would be nice to have labels that give the fiber content and care instructions.
That will be my next label that I order.

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