Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fiber Through The Fingers...............

Last fall when we had a natural dyeing day, I took some of my handspun two ply silk
and wound them into small butterflies for the dye pots.  It's a good way to have samples
of the colors you got from each dye pot

The two on either side of the lavender one (I know it doesn't look lavender, but it is!)
are dyed with indigo.  My little butterflies waiting to be wound into balls 

I have a variety of colors from each dye pot--Now, they are ready to be used in 
my embroidery.  Many moons ago, I did this and gave the samples as a gift to
a friend, who used them in late 1700 's samplers--I felt so honored that she would use
them in that regard.   I love the feel of the silk fibers running through my fingers.

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