Monday, August 8, 2016

Time To Cut The Losses......................

For the past few weeks I've been knitting on Gerda by Bethany Hait.
there were a few kinks at the beginning of the pattern, but it was 
soon worked out and I continued.

I left it lay for a time while I traveled and upon returning to the pattern
and the yarn

I just knew this wasn't going to work!  The yarn just wasn't the right
one for this pattern--it needs a soft plain color to show the pattern.
I had half a thought while I was knitting--so guess it's a good
think I let it lie for awhile--
the only RIGHT thing to do was

pull out the stitches, wind into a ball and let it 'age' a little longer.
It was time to cut my losses--even though there had been days of knitting and
pattern reading--it was time! 
This wasn't going to work!  So, the yarn lives on another day--
some day, yes, some day I will find the perfect pattern for this yarn.
happy sleeping little yarn ball!

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