Saturday, August 27, 2016

Accurate Measuring and Cutting For Your Quilt

My friend said the other day that she thinks the problem with her quilting was her fabric cutting.  Yes, there is always trouble with accurate cutting fabric when measuring.  

A Quilting Life has created this list to use when measuring and cutting--great pointers!!  Check out her blog for details on this major points.

Press fabrics before measuring and cutting. 

Consider starching fabrics, especially when working with small pieces.

Use your cutting mat to line up edges of your fabric, not to measure it.

Straighten fabric edges before beginning to cut.

Use painter's tape or washi tape on your ruler when making several cuts the same measurement.

Use a sharp rotary blade for cutting your fabrics.

Use a rotating cutting mat whenever possible rather than cutting towards your body. 

And to me this is very important:  Measure twice; cut once. 

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