Friday, August 5, 2016

I've Really Got To Stop!

Okay, here I am--going through series of books that I would like to read......
Why?  Am I doing this to myself?  I already have several stacks around the house
just waiting for me to finish one book and begin another.

Here is the stack in the office!  Yes, some good reads here
so why am I investigating other good reads on Paperbackswap
and of course, Amazon.  There is a book club on Ravelry too!

Now, I'm reading two books at the same time--
Both of these books were recommended to me by an avid reader,
like myself.

Since it's Olympic time and we recently visited Germany,
This one is very timely and reads well.
Yes, I love mysteries!  so I'm hooked on good (!) books to read.
Maybe, one day I'll stop looking-----

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