Saturday, August 6, 2016

Decisions By Committee!

There were five of us--only five, who met at the local coffee shop to just socialize.
But soon the conversation turned to study group business.
Since we were five of the members of this group, we could make some
'suggestions' about the upcoming year.

First, we had little show and tell from Karen I who pulled out this rag rug
section woven by a 7 yr old!  We were in awe that a 7 year old had this 
much know how to get some nice selvedges as well as lay the rags nicely
in the weft.

Gerry has a task at hand--she is preparing for an upcoming tapestry workshop
sponsored by the Guild.  The instructor sent out this photo that the participants
were to interpret in their tapestry

Gerry is using very fine wool/silk threads to create her sample

and do you see what she's using as her loom?  A snap together wooden photo
frame!  Inexpensive and easy to carry around--this is the way I began my 
weaving about 30+ years ago when I didn't have money.
Anyway, our 'committee' discussed what weave structure we would like
to study in the coming year.  It is also our guilds year to host the state conference in
2017--which means contributions to the goodie bag, luncheons and raffle basket.
We think, as committee, we have some good ideas!
Small committees DO did some things accomplished!

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