Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Sweet Treat For Sunday Lunch

We are making a sweet treat for Sunday lunch--

we have fresh pineapple that we have cored and
cut into slices-grilled for short while to get some smoky flavor,
then put in food processor to make smaller chunks

Whipped up some heavy cream--little sweetener and vanilla for added taste,
Mixed in the crushed pineapple chunks

An angel food cake--made from a mix, but it could be purchased already made--hubby
said that would have been cheaper as I couldn't find my angel food cake pan and
he spent $10 on one!

Slice the cake into three layers and spread each layer heavily
with whipped cream/pineapple mixture

Stack each layer

Added last of the whipped cream/pineapple mixture to the top--
if you have extra cream spread around the sides.
Refrigerator till ready to eat--slice and enjoy!
Everyone enjoyed this delightful summer time dessert--easy to make, but
delish to eat!!

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