Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mustgo Omelet

It's Sunday and I prepare a dish that can keep all week for breakfast---maybe it will be egg muffins, BLTE sandwiches (for this one, fried bacon is on hand, just fry up an egg the morning you want to make the sandwich--oh, I guess I could hard fry the eggs and keep them in refrig--I'll have to try that next time) or today I'm making MUSTGO Omelet!

You see I'm a lazy cook at times--sometimes I like to cook--but most of the time--NOT!  I'm heading to the grocery later so must see what I need to add to my list--and clean out the frig at the same time.

Oh, look--here are the makings for my MUSTGO Omelet--few eggs, cottage cheese (oh yes, have that because I made Enola's shrimp enchiladas (her recipe calls for crawfish, but I like to use shrimp)

I bought this cookbook just for that one recipe--and it's a good one!

anyway, crack some eggs in a bowl, beat them good!!!  add cottage cheese and now, I've found some ricotta cheese hiding on the top shelf-what did I use that for??

Oh yeah, the ricotta lemon blueberry pancakes last Sunday-- oh, talk about delicious--yum, yum--this recipe is the greatest!!  I use Bobby Flay's recipe and kind of tink it some for my use.

Okay, we have eggs, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese in the dish all beaten up--oh, there is small piece of onion and red bell pepper (why? would I save such small pieces?)  doesn't matter--chop up and add to the egg mixture--found some fried bacon in the freezer--in it goes!  Anything else I can find?
oh, yelp there are a few small bags of shredded cheese--in it goes--
whisk whisk like crazy--anything else?
okay--there are few packages of crushed red peppers left over from pizza the other night--in it goes too.  
sometimes, I'll add broccoli or peas or carrots, even cooked potatoes--left in the frig, it's game for the MUSTGO Omelet!

I think it's ready for the greased pan (no crust--just all goodness!) --pour the mixture in, place in 350* oven and bake for 25-30 minutes and we have Breakfast. 

When it comes out the oven, it's so nice and fluffy!
But, now it's half gone and the other portion is cut into squares and ready for
a handy breakfast during the week--bet this will be gone by Wed AM!
There you have MUSTGO OMELET!  

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