Friday, August 12, 2016

Baby Time.............................

When a friend or family member is having a baby, I go to my favorite thing to give--
flannel receiving blankets!

It takes two pieces of flannel, each at least 1.25 yards in length, 45" wide
I always wash my flannel before sewing--
place two pieces right sides together--I mark to make rounded corners and 
stitch around, leaving a small opening to turn right sides out--
once turned, I press lightly, stitch the opening closed and
then comes the fun part---
I do button hole stitch around the outside of the blanket with perle cotton--
Ready, finished, wrap for the new baby--this one is a boy--
as if you didn't guess that already!
I usually buy a small gift if there is a brother or sister involved--
they won't feel left out.

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