Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Yarn Along...............

My yarn along has to do with dyeing--with Easter egg dyes.  Over the years, after Easter, I purchase several of the dye packets (at a reduced price, no less!) to have on hand for dyeing simple pieces without much trouble.
I had some lovely handspun two ply wool just waiting to be skeined off.

What a nice little skein you are!

What color should I use?  hmmm, choices choices

I chose green as our January spin-in 2017 theme is "Green in 17"
drop in the tablets--all two of them--into water, add the required amount of vinegar, let it
fizz away until dissolved.

Stuff in the wetted skein, place in microwave--remember that egg dye is safe for eggs, so safe for
the microwave--hit 30 seconds, rest, again 30 seconds, rest--I do that about 4 times.
Take the skein out of the dye, rinse and let dry.
A nice pastel green--think I could have used one more tablet or left the skein in the dye
just a little longer--but I'm anxious to see the results.
What a fun Yarn along! 

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