Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday Yarn Along

Today we are working on the Fingerless Gloves mystery,  Shadowplay.

Each week a new clue is revealed and you knit like crazy to keep up with the group.
Here is first clue--corrugated rib!  Oh my gosh, that is some knitting,
but I think it will be an interesting mitt

We are knitting flat and this is the left wrist.

Clue 2--I'm at the thumb--oh, dear--I'm stumped.. It will take some quiet time
to figure out how to continue the cable on the other side of the thumb---but,
I'll get there!  I was afraid I would run out of the yellow so found this
fuschia yarn that works.
It just takes some quiet time and having my brain on the right frequency
and I can conquer anything!
Yes, I did it!  We are finished with clue 2.
Should I begin on right wrist with ribbing?

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