Sunday, April 17, 2016


I Am Truly Warped!  It has been several months since I did anything with my loom.
It was moved from one room to another room and then it just sat there--
not really naked but piled high with all sorts of things--
it's like 'pile it here' syndrome!
Than--the studio was back in some sense of fashion,
and I looked in my yarn closet to find various 8/2 cotton fibers that
worked together--
warping we go! 

Through the 10 dent reed we go--2 per dent--20 epi

I was so careful that I got the red thread every 6th one.
Through the heddles--using Dornik threading for these towels

and we've tied on!  Oh My Gosh--I'm weaving!
I'm actually throwing a shuttle and I see on threading errors!
do you know how happy that makes me!??

Looking good!

and I like that little bit of red thrown through.
Do you have any idea how long it took me to warp this loom?--
Don't ask--I'm so rusty at this.

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