Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Yarn Along With 2016 Lace Scarf

This week I worked on my 2016 Lace Scarf, a project by Elizabeth Ravenwood--You can find
her designs on Ravelry.  This month to month scarf is free to join and free to knit.
April's pattern called for beads--or if you choose, no beads--but I chose beads.
I use a small crochet hook and load it up so I don't need to dip into the bead jar
each time needed.

I even have a fancy bead storage jar.  Some people prefer to string their beads onto 
the yarn before they begin and then just push up a bead when needed;
I rather use crochet hook

I'm using my handspun wool/silk blend on this scarf--
loving the divisions in color.  I was concerned at first that it would
not look good-=but no problem.

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