Friday, April 22, 2016

Displaying Textile Art

Textile Artist has an excellent article on how to display textile art.  Many moons ago, I worked with a museum to hang antique quilts and saris.  There is a definite way to make sure these fragile items are displayed in the proper manner as not to damage the integrity of the cloth.  I was also fortunate to work with galleries to assist with displaying delicate fabrics.  One year I worked with International Quilt Festival putting up their quilts for fall show--all these experiences helped me learn how professional companies work to insure that your work of art will be handled with the most care and caution.
For my quilts, that I hang at home, I use curtain rings.  I have added sleeves to the back of quilts, but couldn't find a great way to get the sleeves to stay attached to the wall.  This works perfectly for
Take a look at the article and see how you can improve your ways to hang your textile art pieces.

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