Thursday, April 21, 2016

Paper Piecing--ugh!

One of the quilt patterns that I took out of my stash box needs a role of paper piecing--I'm like--UGH!  But, I can do this; just not my favorite form of stitching.
At least, the pattern is large size and needs large pieces of fabric.  I printed off six copies,
for this row by row quilt

I begin with A1 

Position my tree trunk on the square on the back side of the paper.

Stitch along those lines when I add the side pieces to A2 and A3

Way too much fabric, but I can trim it down to the stitching line--rather have
too much than not enough

Okay, finished that section and we move up to
A4 and so it goes

I'm doing each section on each of the six patterns; then I'll be finished with all them
at the same time!
Tally HO!  
Finished!  All Six of the blocks--now to tackle the other five blocks awaiting paper piecing!

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