Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Is It Inlay or Tapestry?

We recently had a great meeting program led by Gerry, who has been weaving these small tapestries (she calls them).  She was giving us pointers on how to do our own.  She says she is using inlay techniques for her woven pieces but there are some tapestry involved--so, is it inlay or tapestry?
Gerry uses this book, written by Doramay Keasley, for her weaving information.  Doramey calls her technique "inlay"--as there is a ground background.

Gerry has a wealth of knowledge stored in her notebooks--samples of her work.
Here is her drawing of different weave techniques
Here are her woven samples--great way to structure your weaving knowledge

Here is her cartoon

and the weaving--inlay definitely, as there is a background weft


I love Gerry's work as she uses many of the Texas landscapes and historic sites as her subjects.

I have one of her Texas inlays

you can see the critters that she has woven into the feature

Now, this is a tapestry!

Interlocked and all--so, if you are interested in these techniques, no one better than Gerry to give you the low down.

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