Monday, January 29, 2018

Time To Say Good-bye..............

Yelp, it's rolled around again--time to say goodbye to our wonderful spin-in friends.  Treasures have been bought, prizes received, nonsense skits, pleasures held, learning experiences gathered and lots of hugs and laughter!  Vendors shelves are little more bare.  Packing is bittersweet--  we'll meet again next January-- and as the carts roll out of the conference room, we say many good-byes.

Just a short time ago, the room was full with laughter,
spinning wheels, and energy!

And this is the way it looked after everyone packed up--
sigh, the energy has left the building along with 
all the beautiful colorful fibers and spinners..
We go away with thoughts of next year's challenge--
Purple Cowl 
I imagine there will be alot of happy people!

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