Thursday, January 25, 2018

Let's Talk ....

Spin rolls around every year at this time and
we have a wealth of fun!  There is also a wealth of good
stuff that are door prizes.

Here is one table with door prizes--our participants are
very giving! Just look at this bounty of gifts on this
one table!

Here is the other table--not only are
the prizes on the table, there are many UNDER the
table.  We use an honor system--if you want to bring
a door prize, fine.  It is not necessary.  

And this is the give away table!!  Take whatever you want!

Lost!  This wonderful cowl was found in the parking garage--
so sad to be lost!  My partner and I were hoping no one would
claim it--it was so soft!  
But, alas by afternoon--someone claimed it!  
It has been a fantastic time with limited problems.

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