Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Instant! Oh, Almost........................

I received an Instant Pot for Christmas!  Yes, I requested one and now I'm on another adventure...............  learning how to work with this new thing! 

If you are not aware--this is programable pressure cooker--
no, not like the old ones we used that you worried about
This marvel cooks in less time, uses less energy and
creates one pot meals!

I was so excited to try it out--read all the brochures,
watched YouTube videos and looked up recipes.

First off, it is recommended you boil water. to see if the
machine is working correctly--well,
I didn't just want to boil water--I went to the next test--
cook eggs--hardboil those eggs!!
it WORKED--quickly!  Nice easy peeling eggs too!

Next, I made a quiche with leftovers--
No heating the oven--just pour everything into the
Insta-Pot, set and forget!
AHHHH, a nice crustless veggie quiche!  

Beat eggs with little milk, add salt, pepper, veggies (I had 
aspargus, bell peppers, onion.  You can also add meat),
cheese and pour into  bowl, place in pot, turn on for 20 minutes
(time may vary), let natural release for 10 minutes--
open and eat that quiche!!

I'm on a roll--I'll post more recipes as I make
headway into this new adventure.

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