Wednesday, January 17, 2018

It's A Mundane Chore!

I HATE ironing!  It's that one chore that I will put off till
the pile to be ironed is higher than my ironing board!
Yesterday I ironed five blouses, two 
shirts and a box full of small pieces for the Bonnie
Hunter's latest mystery "On Ringo Lake"

It seems to never end--just lots and lots of small pieces
that have to be pressed before the next step.....

There are 200 brown ones, 200  coral ones, but
that's not all--you must press one side, sew on the
next 2" square and press that side!

And then there are the 100+ longer pieces that have two 2" 
squares on each end--oh, and make sure you have the
squares going the right direction or you are doomed
to begin again!

You think you can see the end in pressing, you have
all the triangles to press..............
it's such a mundane chore that I HATE!
When all said and pressed--I hope the block is worth it!

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