Thursday, January 11, 2018

New Year With Ex-Pats

The Expatchers gathered on a cloudy January Tuesday to share our holiday joys.
We also have our quilting to show off as well.
I was stitching the binding down on my friendship Texas quilt--
which prompted Judy to bring out her finished quilt.
She used red as her blending fabric.  Each of the
members exchanged 5" squares of Texas theme fabric last year--

Judy had a very colorful bluebonnet fabric for her backing

Sandy had quilted Linda's friendship and had it
for us to see--her blending fabric looked like
leather or suede--perfect setting

Here is mine.  I used batik bluebonnet fabric and
binding it with red--didn't have enough of the bluebonnet

I used just a plain 90" wide backing--

Sandy had also finished quilting Linda's 'kit' quilt
the fabric colors are smashing--and the border really
pulls it all together.

Here is the quilting on the border.
These days when we have finished quilts to
show are the best!

We moved to Judy's long arm to see her latest creation--
this is a charity quilt for her church's silent auction.
She had a panel of a Christmas tree and set it
in this window pane display.  Once quilted, she
will add sparkles throughout--

Really liked her border--but the gold quilting pattern
is lost on this busy pattern.

Annette has begun work on her birthday fat quarter exchange quilt
She ask for neutrals which will be used in this Churn Dash
pattern from Fons and Porter book of 2002--small blocks---
Annette colors for sure!
Next on Judy's list is another "Yellow Brick Road" quilt--
super charity quilt.
Love these days when we can share and chat--we miss
those who were unable to attend though.

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