Sunday, January 21, 2018

Road Trip!

I love road trips--planned road trips that is!  We head NE--first stop Waco, Texas!  I know that's not a very interesting place to stop but we are finding the local coffee shop--Common Grounds

Well, look at that--just down the street from Magnolia Silos--

 we'll take a peek and see what all the fuss is about.  And there is even
a bakery on site!  This couple has certainly built a special place in Waco! 

Okay--only 10 minute wait--I've heard stories of waiting an
hour or more to get in the bakery.
Now, that we have our fill of favorite beverages and delicious cupcakes from
Magnolia Bakery--we hit the road again

Our next stop, outside of Waco, is Brazos Valley Cheese--
they were making Ghost pepper cheese when we arrived.
Somehow, four different varieties fell into my basket--
love the horseradish pecan on huckleberry cheddar--
oh, the ghost pepper cheese is delicious too!

Fort Worth here we come!!
Our main purpose from visiting:

Bass Performance Hall is presenting "Something Rotten!"  Broadway play that is a must see
again!  We saw this hilarious play last summer and were glad to see it was coming to a theater in another Texas town-- .

A great road trip so far--now, we venture onto our next destination--
Jackson, Mississippi!  We are on our way to Florida and January
spin-in gathering.  

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