Saturday, January 27, 2018

Such Creative Folks!

One Hundred and Twenty folks all have the same interest at heart!
Here we are sharing our talents, experiences, creativity and

If a newcomer enters, a circle will widen up to
open their arms to those who do not have a group.

Vendors are enjoying the captive shopping audience plus
we offer 'blue light' opportunities for those sale features.

This booth has their Saori looms warped and ready
to be woven on--maybe you want to take one home.

The vendor is ready and willing to assist you with
your purchase.

One of the challenges from 2017 was 'Green Fibers'
Here is one example of how to combine four different
fibers into a wearable scarf--spun, blended and plied--
all natural fibers.

What to do with an outstanding colorful skein of yarn?  Crochet
this lovely pattern--"Virus"  a free pattern on Ravelry.
We also have a money pig that collects funds for charity.
you add to the pig, name your charity with your name.
on the final day, we pull one name and you get to take
the pig money to your charity.

How about this for creativity?  Embroidery floss jacket!!
She knit this rainbow of embroidery floss--this is the warm side

This is the cool side--how does a mind work that this?

Short Rows!  Knitting with handspun wool using short rows
creates this wonderful lightweight jacket

And the scalloped edge adds additional interest

Talk about lace knitting!!  What a lovely silk shawl worn by

Beads and all helps with the theme--"Baubles, Bangles, Beads"

What do I work on?  Knitting on this jacket--three days of work=
maybe an inch for the ribbing...
I'm not working on exquisite lace or embroidery floss jacket--
I don't feel so creative...................

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