Monday, January 15, 2018

This is Something A-ccoking!

We are using that IP (Instant Pot) !  Yay!

First up:  Steel Cut Oats!  On a cold day, there is nothing like a bowl of steel cut oatmeal for breakfast. The previous recipe I used from Alton Brown called for overnight in the slow cooker.  The oats were always ready for the breakfast, but OMG in the IP we can have Oatmeal in 3 minutes--not instant oatmeal either--the Steel Cut Oats!!  Delicious!

The IP recipe called for Almond Mlk or non-dairy--you could also use Coconut milk--we don't usually drink almond milk but sometimes, if I have it on hand,  I make hot cocoa -nice and rich and less calories too.  -

Next up:  Butternut Squash Soup!  Cooking the squash in the oven was my go to thing. The IP makes it easy peazy!  Cut up the squash into small pieces--add to IP, add liquid--I use chichen broth to get started.  This time, I had mango on hand and added it to the IP--First, I sauted onions in the IP--soo cool that you can do it all in the one pot!  Set machine to 8 minutes--I don't have an immersion blender so I transfer it to my regular blender, add some heavy cream (left over from pie days), salt, pepper, agave nectar for sweetness, little ginger and gram marsla,  blend!  Yummy good!  Drop a dollop of sour cream on top--

I love split pea soup--here we add onion, carrots, smoked sausage
instead of ham, little salt and cook 9 minutes--
and we have the most awesome split pea soup!  
Yummy!  and I didn't even need to put it through a blender
to puree the peas.
I know all I've made so far is soft stuff--I'm working my
nerve up to cooking meat!

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