Monday, August 30, 2010


Lisabeth pattern was from the hands of She-knits Sharon Dreifuss, mastermind of KAL mystery patterns. While sometimes fun, this one was a challenge. Why? This person has never done intarsia knitting before so you can well imagine why it took so long to finish this up. While everyone else in the group was finished and wearing their Lisabeth shawl, we were still trudging along with the pattern. Was the second thread pulled too tight or left too loose? Were the threads twisted around the right way? Gee whiz......
Now if this doesn't look like a mess and tangle of threads.
So many loose ends.....
Don't know what's worse--weaving in all those loose ends or doing the intarsia!
Weird looking patches of color in odd places makes one wonder what this pattern was all about.
So sadly out of shape and looking like a heap of knit stitches.
To the basement carpet we go, taking along pens, spray bottle of water and pillow for the knees.
Stretch, well, just shape the 'blob' into some reasonable looking shawl. Try it on and see what the pattern is all about. Well, there was a little cheating here first--just to make sure this shawl was knitted the right way.
It does fit just right though! Hurrah! Maybe another intarsia project will be in the works before long.

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