Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Teens Have Arrived!!

Two of the grandteens have arrived to visit for the week so let the activities begin! It is our opportunity to find interesting 'teen' events to occupy their every waking moment. No way do we want to hear that's 'boring'! Neither are big athletes so hiking or biking is out--as if we would do that anyway. The first night they arrived we took them to an outdoor music concert--they wanted food and a pizza parlor they did find within walking distance of the grandstand. Lucky for them, they were waiting for pizza when the rains came and went.
The first day of the week we headed to downtown Denver where we had reservations for the Denver Mint, which were made two months in advance. The Mint is the second most popular tour in the city. The first being Cherry Creek Mall--go figure!We had lunch beforehand at Hard Rock Cafe in Pavilions. Across the street was Hot Topic, where every teen wants to visit, and the store that brings out the 'interesting' people--those with tats, piercings and weird colored hair. They heard that Drowning Pool band would be appearing later in the afternoon but they weren't quite sure they wanted to hang around for that appearance until they found out that one of the songs on the album was one of their favorite--a mind changer. With time on our hands, we enjoyed the sights and sounds of 16th Street Mall and a stop in Pinkberry for cool refreshment.
Didn't take long to devour this delicious frozen treat--something different about this yogurt that makes it truly appealing to tastebuds.
Back to Hot Topic where the line began forming to meet the band.and 45 minutes later they had their chance to enter the store for those photos, autographs and oh, yeah--album buying. The first thing they did when we hit the car--pop in the album so we could enjoy head banging music on the way home during rush hour traffic. Us 'old folks' would call this a successful day! and hopefully, the teens think so as well.

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