Thursday, August 12, 2010

Definitely---Keeping Busy

The grandteens have been keeping us on our toes, to say the least! One forgets how much teens eat and how often! How active they are during the day and night....don't they ever sleep!
If you read the previous post on summertime, there was a statement about proven zucchini recipes. Well, it might have been proven in another life, but this time the chocolate cake recipe took a real turn for the worse. For some reason, the cake overflowed the pan. Was it the butter we used instead of the margarine? Was it beaten too long or too often? How could this fail when we've baked it many times before? But, once we finally loosen it from the pan edges and turned it out, the results were awesome! and the taste--delicious! so, guess it wasn't quite the disaster it looked.
Another day of activities for the teens--off to the Speed Raceway indoor track to let them try their hands at go kart driving--Speed Raceway. When did they get so shy about having their photos taken? Pull out the camera and they immediately turn the other way, except this time......Ready for instructions.
All suited up and ready for the trip around the track. It was two fer Tuesday so they each will race 12 laps around twice.
On your mark.......GO!
And they're off. These little electric karts will wind up to 50 mph, but they have to be careful going around the sharp curves. And then the times are posted on the big screen. It was a rush, was their quote!
The following day, they were challenged even more as they tried skydiving! Indoor--skydiving, that is. Sky Venture is a practicing venue for professional skydivers, military and those waiting a touch of skydiving without the fear of jumping from a plane.
Let's suit up for the big adventure.
All ready to head into the wind tunnel.
Another rush for them and us as we watched them soar into the heights after a few minutes of instruction.

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