Sunday, August 1, 2010

Charity Quilt Tops

It seems these little blocks have been 'aging' long enough! Some were worked on last summer, some early this summer and when there was time to finally put them together--it is always a challenge to find interesting and satisfying blocks to make as charity quilt tops. Oh, yeah, most times a simple and quick pattern will be used but when this pattern was spied on website of Selvage Blog it was a definite yes! to sew. There is also a tutorial Asterisk Block and it is simple! A good way to use up those theme fabrics. Look at the great border fabric that was in a bargain bin--just perfect for a quilt!
Last summer there was a fabric exchange of 5" blocks. A large pile just rested on the cutting table waiting for inspiration and then it hit--another simple quilt. This is a great "I Spy" quilt--just 5" blocks and 2" connector corners--takes time to sew but the finished project is worth it.

I Spy--hot dogs, dog bones, basketballs.............

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