Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Field Trip!

We took a short field trip this week. It was also a trip to 'gather' as we call it--a chance to pick up sundry items that we felt were needed. We journeyed to Boulder, CO and begun our day with breakfast at Chautauqua Dining Hall. Check out the history of this interesting Institution at their website. History of Chautauqua Movement. Today the area is a lovely park with a backdrop of the flatiron mountains that push up from the ground.
We were seated on the front porch and enjoyed the scenery and cool weather as we dined on pan seared trout and salmon benedict. After breakfast we traveled a short distance to Celestial Seasonings Tea Shop. A drive down the lane you come to the corner of Sleepytime and Zinger. some days you can smell the mint tea waffling in the air. With a stop first in the tasting room, we sampled a variety of iced and hot teas on tap and viewed the wonderful collection of teapots on display.
Sleepytime bear--best tea in the world for relaxation.
Just two of the 20 teapots on display.
What a dress--made entirely from teabags as well as the accessories!
If you take the free tour you can boast this fact:
We stocked up on sweet zinger teas--delicious!!

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