Thursday, September 2, 2010

Red-Letter Day

Ever wonder how certain phrases come about? So many of these saying are passed along with history and here is one of the origination's of Red-Letter Day.

A red letter day (sometimes hyphenated as red-letter day) is any day of special significance.The term originates from Medieval church calendars. Illuminated manuscripts often marked initial capitals and highlighted words in red ink, known as rubrics. The First Council of Nicaea in 325 decreed the saint's days, feasts and other holy days, which came to be printed on church calendars in red. The term came into wider usage with the appearance in 1549 of the first Book of Common Prayer in which the calendar showed special holy days in red ink.

Many current calendars have special dates and holidays such as Sundays, Christmas Day and Midsummer Day rendered in red colour instead of black.
On red letter days, judges of the English High Court (Queen's Bench Division) wear, at sittings of the Court of Law, their scarlet robes (See court dress). Also in the United Kingdom, other civil dates have been added to the original religious dates. These include anniversaries of the Monarch's birthday, official birthday, accession and coronation.

The term "red letter day" is colloquially used to indicate any date of personal significance.

You are probably wondering--why bring up this is the answer. The past few weeks red has been involved in the handwork and these two projects have been completed--so, alas, a Red-Letter Day!
Woolly Wormhead is a favorite when it comes to designers! She has a unique way to design hats.
The yarn used in this hat was Serenity Garden Yarn, 100% Microfiber. It knitted up well--no squeek sound, just soft almost natural feel.
Someone is going to love this hat!
To block the finished hat, use a large dinner plate; give it a little sprinkling of water and let dry--perfect. Now, here is the large Red piece completed. This mystery pattern came from the mind of Lyn Brown and was called Puddle Jumping Mystery. You might have seen the progress in an early post.
Sure is nice to have this completed and ready for quilting. Okay, that's it for this Red Letter Day. Hard telling when we get back to using red again--kind of burned out right now!

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