Sunday, August 15, 2010

Under the Belt or Accomplished!

The teens have departed! They have winged their way back to their family bonds to open arms and welcome hugs. We were happy to have them with us and happy for them to depart. Isn't that the way with all company, no matter how much you love them? The house feels empty and quiet but we'll settle into our 'regular' routine soon enough. There were a few moments when some sewing could take place--the time they went to the movie or they were playing a video game. So, accomplished! all 12 of the Jelly Roll sampler blocks. This pile of jelly roll fabrics is all that is left after finishing. The last two blocks were really just a combination of whatever!
Interesting to work on these blocks and try to stay within the confines of just using the fabrics in the jelly roll.
What a hodge podge, huh? Next, we'll put them together with sashing--hope to accomplish that this next week.
In the evening there was some handwork done to finish up this snowman hanging which was purchased last summer. Just a small project that took some time to piece--little squares.
Pearl beads are sewn on each snowflake
The quilting isn't the greatest, just good practice.

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