Friday, August 27, 2010

Henry Moore Sculptures in Garden Setting

Our outing this week took us to the free day at Denver Botanic Gardens. It was a pleasant morning but too bad we didn't arrive earlier! Everyone was on an outing as well--seniors, young mothers with babies, small school groups and loners like us. We began our day with refreshment in the Offshoots Cafe where we planned the best way to view all the gardens and see Henry Moore's sculptures, which are on display through January, 2011. Each area of the garden hosts one of these massive sculptures. Near the Ornamental Grasses area was "Large Reclining Figure". This area is the Rock Alpine Garden.
In the Porter Plains Garden sits this piece titled "Large Totem Head".
One of the lovely spots to view was the Water Garden, where "Hill Arches" rested.
This piece titled "Two Piece Reclining Figure: Points" was at the top of the amphitheater.

In the Fragrance Garden was "Oval with Points". This was a favorite area of many as they enjoyed the smells of the surrounding garden. Also, the piece allowed some shade on the sunny day.
From this photo you can tell how massive these pieces are as this young man surveys the view from his angle.
In Lanie's Cutting Garden, one could view "Goslar Warrior".
And a delightful piece to see was "Mother and Child"in the Le Potager area.
Near the Ornamental Grasses area was this striking piece, "Large Reclining Figure". It was an interesting outing as we didn't know about Henry Moore's work. It was also a chance to see the updates to the gardens. And now, we'll leave you with some sights of the gardens.

Look closely for the bee!

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