Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another Roving Art Arrives!

The third and final edition of Roving Art from Taos Sunflower Too arrived via USPS the other day. The first selection (Mother and Child) is just now being spun and thought over as to its creation and now here is the last one to arrive at the doorsteps! Gee whiz, behind and not even begun to spin on any of the other rovings that were recently purchased! OH, well--fiber ages well! It is interesting to note that the dyer did the roving using blue, which is not her favorite color--now isn't that something? Someone else who has a least favorite color to work with! When the photo of the painting was pulled out of the envelope before the roving, the first thought that ran across my brain was "oh, bet there is lots of purple in this roving", so it was a pleasant surprise when the roving contained very little purple!

This roving is dyed around the painting by Henri Matisee and titled A Glimpse of Notre Dame in the Late Afternoon (1902). Henri Matisse was born in 1869 in NE France. He studied law in Paris in 1887 and in 1891 returned to Paris to study art at the Academie Julian. His work was influenced by works of many artists of his day; known for his use of color and fluid, brilliant and original draftsmanship, he is regarded as the most important French painter of the 20th centurey. He died in 1954.
This is a lovely painting and one that is well represented by the dyed roving. The next three selections will be available in the fall. Rovings will be spinners choice of either BFL or Falkland fiber. Wonder if all those other rovings will be spun by then?

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