Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Managed CHAOS

Some say the way you arrange your supplies in your studio is a sure give away as to your lifestyle. Well, let's say there is some 'managed' chaos in my studio. Everything is in it's proper place and location on any given day so hands can easily reach out and touch. Until, the day 'somebody' moved a piece of fabric, pattern or yarn! That dreaded Somebody! How did they get in the studio to do their dastardly deed? Could it be little gremlins that come out only at night or when the studio door is closed? Now, where is that redwork pattern? And where is that lovely cone of yarn? And once you begin to hunt--it takes precious time away from the loom, sewing machine or spinning wheel. Whatever you are working with that day.'Somebody' thinks there is no rhyme or reason to this 'managed' chaos but it works! There are results in the proof!

When that 'somebody' tells you that you can not do something! You just laugh at 'somebody' and just go on your merry way! Besides, it's your 'managed' Chaos!

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