Saturday, June 13, 2009

Destination Ahoy!

Time to check this golf course off the list of ones to play. Did he have a pleasant experience? Not to hear him speak of his five hours roaming through the canyons of southern Colorado. Why not a glowing report? The company he kept or should we say the partners assigned to him. A complainer, whiner, curser, rude, obnoxious--why go on with the descriptions? But, lunch was a pleasant experience sitting on the back patio overlooking canyons once haunted by cougars. There is said to be cougars still living in the smaller canyons; alas, their homeland is being invaded by humans.

Not such a wonderful photo; forgot to take the camera so this is shot from magazine ad.
Finally, we made our destination--our summer home. And much to our satisfaction, the weather is superb! Just a little wind along with cloudy conditions kept the temperatures in mid 70's. A few drops of rain fell during the late evening as we unpacked the car. It took some time to unwind from the drive up from Trinidad. AHHHH, sleeping in one's own bed is the greatest!

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