Friday, June 26, 2009

Goal--Score one point!

It always feels grand to accomplish at least one goal during the week. This week two goals were completed! That PURPLE hat was finished--hurrah! and it didn't hurt too bad working with that color of yarn. Hope she really does enjoy this hat!

Another goal was to embroidery tea towels for DD & DDIL. Bird Brain Designs has been giving a free design for each month. This month's design was to celebrate July 4th and since July 4th is just around the corner it was necessary to work swiftly. First off it was not easy tracing the design from printed paper to cloth. No lightbox here! Next best thing to use--a window where sun will light up the background--ahh, the sliding door would work maybe. Find tape and marking pens--tape printed copy to door, tape cloth over copy and trace. Great! Now to work feverishly to finish, wrap and take to Post Office. We can hold up our hands and say Goal met! Now, new goals to set for next week: finish that July calendar wall hanging piece before July 1st!


  1. What about me?! Waaahh! You only made them for DD & DDIL.... :-(

  2. I can not believe you made a hat in purple? What is the world coming to?

    You need to make another towel for my adopted DD.