Friday, June 12, 2009

Are We There Yet?

We are on a road trip, heading north to cooler temperatures. We are looking for snow capped mountains, babbling brooks with clear winter runoff, rainbow trout, wandering elk herds, and greener pastures! We are doing the tourist thing at some sites. Taking the back roads brings us through several small towns with empty main streets and deteriorating buildings. The way of life that used to be is now gone forever! Every town that hosts a county seat will have a mighty courthouse like the one in Hillsboro, TX.We found a small non chain restaurant across from the lonely courthouse--Frenkie's Italian. We are known as soon as we walk through the door--out of towners--but a warm welcome and comforting smile accompanied our menus.
Passing by fields of milo, sorghum, feed corn and hay we have come across true cattle country. Storage areas are left to the wide open spaces, most are covered with large white tarps and weighed down with used tires. But, when we came upon this one, we just have to stop and take a photo--it was artistic in its recycling.
On ward and upward along the black lined roads, heading to the panhandle of Texas and we do the real tourist thing-- we stop for lunch Everyone who has tranversed these by-ways know The Big Texan--home of the 72 oz. steak. Dare you to eat it all, along with all the fixings within one hour, the price is free! No takers on this day though! The most interesting site in the Panhandle is Cadillac Ranch! The wonderful folk art is located west of Armarillo and a must see again and again! Eight vintage Cadillacs are buried hood down in the dirt as their elegant tailfins signal the daylight.
New rest stops dot the landscape in the most remote areas along the highways. And true to the Texas legend, there is always a posting of warning:
Even if the days are long and hot the roadsides are sporting lovely wildflowers. Nature brings us a show of wonder.

No, we aren't 'there' yet! We have not reached our final destination. An overnight in Trinidad, CO where DH can play a round of golf at Cougar Canyon Course--high on his list of courses to play as we travel.

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