Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Scrabble

Father's Day was a beautiful day to be outdoors, sitting on the shaded deck, overlooking the snow capped mountains of the front range. Temperature ranged around 75. Who could ask for a better day? It was the day to challenge the household to Scrabble. Bring out the board, draw one tile to see who is first (which is a coveted position since the tiles laid down receive double points). Yahoo! The first position is mine! Now draw those seven tiles and hope for good letters with high point value.

Gee Whiz? Can't better letters be drawn? what word can come out of this?There is my word--putrid! And this is the first go around and now it's back to the first player.

Completed board! Guess who won? Dad! Maybe we let him win? After all, it was HIS day!

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