Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day at Farmer's Market

Here is the notice that you have arrived at the giant Boulder Farmer's market that is held every Saturday, June through September.
The whole block is chock full of various vendor booths on both sides of the street. It is necessary to have a game plan when you arrive--down one side and up the other.
The mode of transportation in this 'green' conscious city is bikes, bikes and more bikes!

Another sign of the 'green' ongoing are cans situated along the route. It's almost impossible to find just a regular trash can to throw away stuff!
How about some fresh greens?

Beef, eggs, cheese or maybe you would like to try some fresh sprouts--cut or plant!

Balasmic vinegars, jellies, jams or how about some popcorn?

Potted flowers or hanging baskets..........breads of all varieties

radishes......... . . . . . .. turnips

garlic scrapes or sweet spring onions pulled straight from the garden

Prepared foods right before your eyes--delicious eggs benedict, served with spinach/tomatoes and rice with hollandaise sauce. Try a large cinnamon roll
There is music entertainment in cuppy holes--this group was bluegrass. There is also face painting extraordinary. What a fine day--a place to shop, eat and enjoy the sites and sounds.

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