Friday, June 5, 2009


She Likes It! GD loves the purple yarn! What a relief! Now, it's not necessary to produce more purple stuff--hurrah!! Now, to work on the beret--wonder what pattern will suit the color best? Maybe Emily's Pointy Beret ( Nah, she wouldn't like that one. How about Now, that one is much better suited to her face and hair! Okay, pick up those pointy sticks and that PURPLE yarn--knit away! Anytime there is a need for a knitting pattern, just check in with no better place to find the perfect pattern of your choice and it is free!
Early morning walk was like tackling an obstacle course--dodging sprinklers, lawn maintenance guys, bikes, other walkers and runners--but, it's all worth it. There was a "cool" front that passed through two days ago; temperatures dropped slightly. At least for one day temps remained in 80's but 90 degree days are forecast for the weekend.

Last evening we took in not one but two free outdoor concerts. Our evening meal was accompanied by CNC Band, country/rock band. This group has myspace page ( ). The lead singer and guitar player is nephew to Clint Black. The guys did a good show for the crowd. The fun came when their 'dancer' Eli was called to the front of the stage to do his little dance! What a hoot! This town center has much to offer in food ranges (Italian, Greek, Mexican, Japanese, Irish, good old American sports bar and to satisfy that sweet tooth--gelato and South American pastries ).

We sat around the fountain to enjoy the full impact.

We traveled just a short two miles away to the another town center where we sipped from a plastic glass of red wine and enjoyed the sounds of Scenic Route, a jazz trio, a collective of professional jazz musicians from the greater Houston area. Members perform with local and regional bands, as well as with national touring acts.

The area was alive with parents visiting with friends as their small children romped around the shooting fountains. A perfect way to cool off from a hot summer day's activities. The music was lively and energetic. There was even a slow tune or two that we could dance to, even though we wore our flip-flops! By now the sun had set and night skies were twinkling with stars and an almost full moon. Schools out and summer has officially begun!

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  1. You didn't mention our yummy Greek dinner or the ants!