Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day on the fiber trail!

What can be grander than a day roaming the town visiting different fiber shops and seeing some exciting fiber art? Nothing can beat that in my book so that is what transpired on hump day. The last thing DD said as my feet walked through the garage door--'don't buy anything that you don't need'.
First stop was a visit to a local quilt shop, Great American Quilt Factory .

In the front window was advertisement for upcoming quilt show, which sounded interesting.

In a later blog entry, there will be a posting of 'stuff' that was purchased and very much 'needed'!
Down the street is Tactile Arts which was hosting a wearable art exhibit: Inspirational Effects of Texture in Wearable Art. Weaving, quilting, felting, silk painting garments were featured in the gallery space. Too many lovely garments to photo.

Next stop was to west side of town to meet knitter friend, Judy, at Knit Nack

What a great place to 'hang out'--coffee bar, comfy sofas and lots of lovely yarns to browse through. The temptation was too much and a book just had to jump into my hands, recommended by friend Judy--Hand Knitting Collection, Book #2 by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton
After lunch at the next door bar and grill, we moved onto Posh, A Yarn Boutique , located in a little yellow house that once hosted a French restaurant. One really had to put their blinders on here as there was a small back room that was marked with Sale over the door frame: all the yarns were 25% off! As we sat in the enclosed sun porch, knitting and sharing thoughts, we noticed the clouds gathering in the west. So rain was approaching and the hands on the clock read it was close to traffic time and time for us to head in different directions to end my fiber trail day.

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