Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wooool Work!

I'm ready!  our local quilt shop has wool--lots of wool and
even the floss colors needed for the May pattern.
I've signed up to do Rebekah L Smith's year long project.
This will be fun--something I've not done.

I know the colors are hard to see--and I'm not too sure I like the 
light wool, so I might add some color to it at a later date.

Okay, I looked at this for the longest time and decided I really
did NOT like that light green!  What to do?  Well, dye the wool,
of course!
There are no acid dyes in my pantry but I do have food coloring!
That works brilliantly on wool--just heat the wool in water with
small splash of vinegar, drop in a few drops of blue dye, simmer
and it's done--color has been added!

Now, look at this compared to the other piece--much better!
As the wool absorbs all the food coloring (dye), the water
runs clear--so much happier now!

This is a closed list on Facebook--but, you can go to her website
to purchase the pattern ($35) and then you'll be asked to
join Facebook page.

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