Saturday, May 27, 2017

Happiness is.....................................

What makes you happy?  A good book?  A nice meal?  Time well spent?

My happiness begins when I see my friends and their quilts!

To Me Happiness is 

Feeling the warmth grandmother Camilla has for her
senior grandson

who is going to Texas Tech this fall.

Happiness is 
Sandy and her bubbly laugh!

Happiness is  

being with Linda as she stitches on her Christmas window panel

Happiness is 

giving of Judy's time and expertise for those
in need as she creates and shares

Happiness is 

Karen as she trims away excess from her small blocks,
much as we have shed our outside selves for the
short time we gather to encourage each other
in our daily struggles and successes.

Happiness is
the soft English accented voice of Annette as she
works on her English Paper Piecing.

Happiness is 

being a Texan

Happiness is

the freedom to sew what we want when we want!

Happiness is a state of mind and on this day I will fill
my life with lots of happiness as I surround myself
with positive reinforcement from my friends.

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