Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Natural Home

In our small vacation home town, we have an eatery that also
is a 'natural home' shop.  When we stop in for lunch, I will
browse through the displays.  Being a weaver, I'm fascinated by
the cloths that are accent pieces.

This is a linen piece that has creped--interesting texture

"The Natural Home" by  Hans Blomquist  is on display.
It features simple tastes for the home.

Linen rugs adorn the floors

Plain woven textiles are throws over chairs

Cotton towels--all simply woven 

There is some twill work in this linen length of cloth

And this added color in a monochromatic world 

Simple but elegant in its own way--plain wove with
handspun cotton

Add two lengths together with  baseball stitch in a different color

In my world of colors, this is an eye opener!  Could you decorate
with simple joys and pleasures or do you, like myself, need a little
color?  This shop has no color, except for a few accent stitches--
none the less, it's still fabulous as it features the simpler things in life.

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